Tile & Grout Restoration

Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Service is a unique process that’s specifically designed to remove buildup in tile and grout. By removing this buildup, we not only remove hazardous grease but also reduce odors you may not realize are coming from your tile floors. This service reduced another breeding ground for germs, helps fight the spread of disease, and keeps your tile floors and walls looking fresh, clean, and safe in the process. Benefits of deep cleaning your tile & grout include:

  • Removal of troublesome dirt and grime
  • Cleansing of hard to reach tile lines
  • Non-corrosive and non-toxic

Our tile cleaning products fight harmful bacteria and other germs that use the hard-to-clean grout lines between your tile as their home to reproduce and multiply.

We use specialized equipment with commercial grade extractors and low water pressure to safely scrub your tile surfaces. With the help of our various tile cleaning products, we’ll use the product best suited for the tile in your facility. Our industrial tile and grout cleaning products safely remove buildup and hazardous grease, while reducing the chances for your staff and customers to slip and fall.

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