Spring Cleaning in the Workplace

Long before the outbreak of COVID-19, the latest coronavirus to spread across the globe, spring cleaning has been an essential part of any successful business maintenance plan. Not only does it help your company run more efficiently by cleaning out the stuff that’s been collecting for way too long over the past year and clogging up your spaces, but it also helps your operations run in a far more healthy manner. That means less time off for sick days and higher productivity. All of that translates into happier employees and a bigger bottom line. What could be better? So here’s our spring cleaning checklist, and why it’s important for your facility. We know you’ll be glad once you and your team have completed these basic tasks.

    Even the most careful and clean worker is going to carry some germs around. It’s simply unavoidable, so provide your staff with all the basic supplies they need to sanitize their work areas every day. This includes their phones, computers (especially keyboards), desks, chairs and cabinets. A quick wipe-down and sweeping of the floor should only take a few minutes at the most at the end of each day. If you require this task, think about how much cleaner your offices will be, but also how much more presentable and professional they will be when you welcome customers and guests into your business. Most important of all, it will keep your employees healthier and help prevent the unnecessary spread of germs throughout your facility.
    Common spaces like water coolers, vending machines, break rooms and especially the fridge are going to be hotbeds for the spread of germs. Therefore we suggest incorporating a basic cleaning schedule and roster into your team’s routine. This will not only make your business cleaner and healthier, it will also created a sense of shared responsibility for these community areas, which may actually make your staff more conscious of how they treat the common space. That means you may have less to clean up once you start cleaning up! Plus, you may be able to reduce your cleaning bill if you have contracted maintenance during your closed hours. (Helpful hint: if you’re the boss, include yourself in the cleaning schedule. Your team will love you for it!)
    Of course, we can’t avoid these lovely spaces in a spring cleaning discussion, as much as we might like to. Especially if you have shower and locker facilities, you’ll want to do careful ongoing inspections of these spaces and make sure that your cleaning company or assigned team members aren’t taking shortcuts when it comes to keeping them sanitary. Have the respectful, candid conversations that are needed to ensure the safety of your work environment. This goes far beyond code compliance and saving money: it’s about protecting your staff and your customers!
    When was the last time you really walked through your storage rooms or maintenance closets? You know if you don’t keep an eye on them, over time even some of your best employees will probably just throw stuff in there because it’s out-of-sight, out-of-mind. It’s human nature! So make this part of your regular inspection and maintenance plan, especially in the spring. Now is the best time to get things clean and fresh to set conditions for the rest of the year. You can even look at things like mop heads: are those nasty old ones really doing anything other than spreading dirt around? And think about those boxes of archives on the floor: what if there’s a flood this spring?
    Finally, take a tour around the outside of your building and make sure that any gutters are still cleaned out from the fall, your sewer drains are clear of any debris to ensure proper drainage, and that your sump pump, water heater and other equipment downstairs are all functioning properly. This is a great time of year to call for regular maintenance checks by a professional company like Hygienely, especially if you find any evidence of water damage. Before you attempt a mold remediation or water damage restoration yourself, maybe it’s better to have an expert conduct a mold inspection and mold testing for you to see how bad things really are. Maybe you’re not dealing with black mold, but maybe you are — it’s best to be sure before you make a decision about how to clean it up.

For every moisture control need this spring and throughout the year, your local Hygienely service provider is standing by to give your commercial business the world-class services it needs to run as safely and efficiently as possible. For over 25 years, our name has been the trusted source for all kinds of moisture control services: from mold remediation to water damage restoration, from air duct cleaning to basement waterproofing services and more, we’re ready to get your business the cleanest it’s ever been. It’s not clean until it’s Hygienely Clean!

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